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Welcome to BsoftIndia Technologies Pvt.Ltd. for all kinds of MLM Solutions, a India based business set up to provide innovative revenue generating solutions to entrepreneurs involved in online Network Marketing. Unlike many Network Marketing Solutions which focus on Advertising or Lead Generation; we instead focus on the Art of Building MLM Business through Stakeholder Collaboration. Stakeholder Collaboration is only effective if Network Marketers are aligned in thought and deed, willing to create long term strategic alliances with other enlightened Networkers for faster, bigger profits and success!

Our Solutions are designed to operate synergistically together, helping you save time and money, reduce risk as well as stimulate a growing network of like-minded Network Marketers whose primary objective is to make money. If you're someone interested in making money with Network Marketing or actively promoting one of the hundreds of different home based MLM Business Opportunities and you're looking for less costly and more effective ways of making money whilst working less hours then you need to check this out.